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Interact with retail traders across the globe, new and experienced.

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Xtrades is the complete collaboration platform for traders – allowing optimized interaction to ensure consistent success.
with those that are in the position you wish to be in. Traders that have already accomplished the ability to consistently make profits in the markets.
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Receive sentiment data on the hottest plays in the US Stocks and Options market.
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Our application creates opportunities to allow users to contribute and earn in the process!
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per month
In addition to the excellent service provided by the analysts, Xtrades has an amazing and welcoming community where I feel at home.

Yung Boul Tommy


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Xtrades Worth It?

Xtrades was initially created to fill a very large gap in the market. We saw that education and guidance relating to the short-term US markets were extremely overpriced. Blind leading the blind, while at the same time charging unreasonable amounts to provide their information. We've developed a team of very experienced veterans that are willing to provide our insights for a low price of only $38/month - undercutting the entire overpriced system we see today of furus charging $100-$200/month for hardly any resources.

Do You Offer Crypto?

We do not, but our partner server specializes in finding great trading opportunities to earn Crypto and Stocks. Led by a Trader that turned $8K into $1.4M (70BTC) during the 2017 Bull Market. The pricing is Equal on this front.