Xtrades Analyst Guidelines

Xtrades reserves the right to waive monthly payouts to those that do not abide by the guidelines.

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How to Become an Analyst

  • Remain in the server as a contributing user for 6 months or longer

  • Remain consistent in success of alerts and calling out entries and exits with integrity

  • Achieve Outstanding Results in providing value to the end users of the Xtrades Platform

  • Be Voted Into the Position By Xtrades Admin

Xtrades Monthly Payout Program

Sending payments to users that participate consistently in Xtrades. Our payout structure is subject to change - however, our payments will always grow along with the company.

Monthly Scoring Guidelines

  • Variables we are using to calculate payouts:
  • Alert Score,
  • Alert Quantity (This doesn’t matter much beyond 30 alerts per month)
  • Alert Quality (Win Rate, # of Closed vs Closed orders,
  • Chatroom Activity (Qualified Posts, and Posts)
  • Chat Rank (Top Traders < Analyst < Top Analyst).
  • Loyalty Score (# of Years with Xtrades and Enhanced Investor and other factors)
  • Misc Score (Videos, Streaming, Educational Posts, Algorithms)

Videos, Streaming, Educational Posts, Algorithms

Making educational posts will be considered as a bonus in the “Misc Score” Category when calculating end of the month payouts.

Making videos will be for an agreed fixed amount per video or will be calculated into the Misc Score Category depending on the agreement made with administrators

Stream time and video production will be promoted within the channels on an Xtrades Account.

Streamers will be allowed to receive the tips / commercial funding that they earn during the time they are online.

Stream Hours should be posted in the Xtrades Staff Server to be considered into the end of the month misc score calculation.

Algorithms and other creations that are considered “Tools” to the xtrades community can be discussed with Kevin, Dennis, or Dan for compensation. These will add to the “Misc core” category

Not Allowed

  • Posting a link requesting donations
  • Posting links that suggest joining other chat rooms or following other social media accounts