20 April 2020

Today is my one month anniversary of subscribing (I think I subbed on day 3 of my trial). I know I still have a TON to learn, but I’m so glad I found this place. People really care about helping you and it as much about learning as it is about making money. My account is up about 15% and that’s after making some dumb plays initially before I understood some fundamentals. But what I’m most proud of is I actually made a few trades of my own today that were based on my own research and advice from the pros. I didn’t time my entry perfectly on them but they still ended up in the green, and I’m already studying up on how to do better next time. Thank you all for what you all do to make this place incredible–and if you are new, don’t think about it anymore just subscribe. You can thank me later. Big shout-outs to @moonshot , @JTW <|DAILY SPY PLAN|>, @FunTrade, @Xtrades Option Guru, @Wags and @BigT4X (Swing Trader) and I’m sure lots of others that I’m forgetting.

20 March 2020

Can I follow up on this? Is this a thing? Regardless, I’ve found a family in this discord. From all of off topic gang, to being called out for dumb choices to really grow as a trader and hone down on the technical aspects of trading. I was ignorant into not upgrading my membership with them for how much they help as a community :joy: Love everyone here, don’t know any other group of individuals that will come together with such open arms AND get you paid? :vince: Forgot to mention, (136)% on the week… love ya xtrades

20 December 2019

Great trade today and captured the momentum thanks to the group!

20 February 2020

Been in a couple of Discord trading server’s but nothing like this. If you don’t end up liking this server, then your not going to like any of them. Absolutely stellar place to learn as a beginner, thrive as someone with experience, and also a great place teach and share knowledge to other traders as a vet. The setup, technically speaking is also top notch, it really is. You can find everything you could possibly want in this server. From long term equity plays, to quick scalps @Wags lol, and I personally think that the options analysts are on another level. I would love to @ everyone that is amazing here but I’d hit the text limit. Above all else, the one aspect that separates this server from any other trading community i’ve ever seen, is the quality of the people within it, just a bunch of really cool people

20 January 2020

This was just from the 3 day Trial ! I’m very pleased with the community and most of my gains were from advice, learning, adding my skills with others and scouting the sever. First server I join and will be the last

20 October 2019

First day following Option signals. Great community here! Thank you all for the technical analysis and big props to @Alexander_96 awesome charting!

20 November 2019

Wonderful read!!! Loved the Great details. Thanks to the author and you for sharing!